OSS Solutions

Service Management HFC FTTx FIber Deep

When customer has problem and call in, the operator need to know what the service status is, what resources support the service and whether the other customer also has same problem. 

When resource alarm generate, if the operator can tell what service and how many customer are affected, they are in better position to deal with the problem and supply better service.

PBN OSS solution could help to answer these questions and supply end to end views to assurance the customer service.

When the system has resource and service information and interfaces, it can do much smart and intelligent work in backend, for example, test the resource, ping the CPE and so on, then only push the human interaction interface to operator when necessary, this could be realized with workflow engine and operator can define the process with workflow customization interface.

The above solutions are not so complex than expected; the operator could access many functions with a mobile client in hand and make sure the business under control.