Resource Assurance System

Complete MSO resource assurance system

Resource Assurance System

About the Product

MSO resource assurance system has been designed to support multi-vendor equipment standardization to improve the operation efficiency with shared information model. Currently the system can support HFC, CMTS, IPQAM, VOD and EPON+EOC network domain.

It provides end to end service view of HFC cable television service and broadband access service.

The resource assurance system could be integrated with NMS3-Enterprise system to supply advanced features. 

  • Cross Domain Integration.
  • Unified Dashboard for user to define interfaces and monitor related information in the same interface.
  • Multi-vendor centralized alarm monitoring with highly flexible alarm filters;
  • Integrated alarm automatic processing with order management system.
  • Integrated GIS Information,Support integration of different GIS MAP Platform;
  • Resources and real-time alarm display
  • Multiple operating systems support, including Windows and Linux.
  • Multiple database support, including MS SQL, Oracle, and MySQL.
  • Multiple language support.