Order Management System

Order management system based on workflow

Order Management System

About the Product

The order management system use flexible workflow engine script to weave manual and system service tasks to make the operation highly automatic and intelligent, system will make most of routine and tedious resource check task before get human involved. 

The operator could use graphic process builder to design, test and deploy new process without upgrade the system, process scripts will be generated automatically behind. This makes the system highly customizable and can change quickly according to business requirement.


  • High-performance workflow and business rules engine enabled.
  • Flexible process customization builder and form builder.
  • Workforce management with GIS based location, human skills matrix and availability management.
  • OMG BPMN2.0 standard support to reuse process definition.
  • Multiple operating systems support, including Windows and Linux.
  • Multiple database support, including MS SQL, Oracle, and MySQL.
  • Multiple language support