Network Management System Enterprise Manager - HFC

AOCM3900 datasheetNMSE - HFC Datasheet

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About the Product

PBN's NMSE software solution a mature and feature-rich platform for network management. PBN has been closely involved with a range of large and complex hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network deployments around the world and has used its knowledge as an equipment vendor and integrator to produce a modular and scalable software architecture which allows extensive control over not only the full suite of PBN products but also a huge range of third party equipment from many major organisations such as Motorola, BKTel etc. The open nature of the software framework allows PBN to integrate new and upcoming technologies quickly and easily to maximise efficiency in the management of your network.

  • Automatic discovery of optical transport equipment
  • Detailed device information monitoring
  • Interrogation and historical trending of key network parameters with inbuilt graphing functionality
  • DOCSIS Transponder management
  • Full band capture (FBC) support including graphing and historical lookups of the network spectrum
  • Comprehensive alarm management including detailed alarm history and statistics reporting
  • Detailed user and system management functionality for separation of roles and rights
  • Customizable network schematics for ease of fault management
  • Utilizing an HTML/XML services API allowing for simple integration with third party billing and provisioning systems
  • Completely customisable geographic mapping with GIS integration for a comprehensive overview of the network
  • Optional NMSE mobile companion app for quick and easy information retrieval from remote locations or out in the field
  • Business provisioning support
  • Use of both private and standard MIBs allows for the highest possible level of integration with your network

  • fbc
  • mobile app
  • Network Inventory Monitoring and management
  • Network Parameter Measurement
  • Network Alarm Monitoring
  • gis