1310 nm Forward Transmitter - Standard


About the Product

The 1310 nm Forward Transmitter Module - Standard series (FT3S) is designed to plug into PBN’s latest generation Advanced Intelligent Multiservices
Access platform - the AIMA3000.

PBN AIMA3000 FT3S series advanced forward transmitter is available in single and dual port configurations. It is designed for multi-services operators (MSOs) to increase network capacity to satisfy an ever-growing subscriber demand for more bandwidth. The FT3S Multi Quantum Well (MQW) Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser transmitter module allows for full-spectrum analog/digital broadcast and narrowcast channels over the entire 1218 MHz space, which provides utmost flexibility for MSOs during the all-digital transition.

The laser transmitter module is available in optical power levels from 2 dBm to 15 dBm (1.6 mW to 31 mW). The module offers a superior frequency response, as well as an extremely low distortion profile and low noise characteristics. The FT3S incorporates specialized circuitry to deliver the best possible CTB and CSO performance of up to 1218 MHz. It employs the latest in broadband linear amplifier technology. In addition, it has a cutting-edge optoelectronic design for the delivery of high-quality transmissions, in both analog and digital formats, over passive fiber-optical networks.

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Compatible with operating bandwidth up to 1218 MHz
  • Plug-and-play with the AIMA3000 platform
  • High-quality 1310 nm, isolated MQW DFB laser with advanced RF driver circuitry
  • RF amplifier gain blocks with advanced GaAs technology for better performance
  • Supports CENELEC and NTSC standards up to 110 channels (both analog and digital)
  • Frequency response of 45 MHz to 1218 MHz for both broadcast and narrowcast applications
  • Can be locally managed through an Ethernet port
  • Alarm monitoring through PBN's NMSE and ASMM Web Interface
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) for a consistent optical modulation index (OMI)
  • Automatic thermo-cooler control (ATC) for a consistent laser temperature
  • Automatic power control (APC) for a consistent optical output power
  • Available in single and dual transmitter configurations
  • Up to 64 transmitters in a 4RU chassis
  • Remote firmware upgrade and auto upload/download of configuration files through ASMM web interface or using PBN's NMSE
  • Fully FCC, CE, and RCM compliant
Optical Performance 
Optical wavelength   1310 nm ± 10 nm
Optical outputs 1 or 2
Output power 2 dBm to 15 dBm
Optical connector SC/APC (1), FC/APC, LC/APC, E2000/APC
RF Performance
RF bandwidth 45 MHz to 1218 MHz
RF flatness ±0.75 dB
RF input return loss > 16 dB 
RF input level, NC nominal (2) 25~35 dBmV per channel
RF input level, BC nominal (2) 15~25 dBmV per channel
AGC range ± 3 dB
Isolation of NC and BC > 50 dB
RF impedance 75 Ω
RF test point relative to RF input port -20 dB ± 1 dB
Isolation between transmitters 45~1000 MHz: > 65 dB
1001~1218 MHz: > 60 dB
RF input connectors Single: 2 x GSK-type female (1 for NC, 1 for BC)
Dual: 4 x GSK-type female (2 for NC, 2 for BC)
RF test points Single: 3 x Mini-SMB (3)
Dual: 4 x Mini-SMB (4)
Alarms and laser status  Front-panel LEDs, SNMP Traps
Link Performance
CNR (5 MHz NBW) > 53 dB
CSO > 65 dB
CTB > 70 dB
MER > 39 dB
BER < 1E-9
Power supply Powered via AIMA3000 backplane
Power consumption Single: < 8.0 W
Dual: < 15.0 W
Operating temperature  -5 ℃ to +55℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃ to +70 ℃
Operating humidity 90% (non-condensing)
Storage humidity 90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 24.6 x 410 x 152.5 mm
Weight 0.88 kg
Supported network management options PBN's NMSE or through ASMM's Web Interface


(1) Standard option. Contact a PBN Sales Representative for availability of other options.
(2) dBuV=60+dBmV 
(3) Three mini-SMB connectors on front panel: one each for BC and NC inputs and one to measure RF input before the laser.
(4) Four mini-SMB connectors on front panel: Two BC inputs test ports and two to measure RF input before the laser.
(5) Four mini-SMB connectors on front panel to measure RF input before the laser.
(6) CNR, CSO, CTB and MER are loaded with 30 NTSC+124 QAM256 or 30 PAL D/K+85 QAM256. All are measured with PBN referenced optical receiver with 10 km single-mode optical fiber 0 dBm.
(7) CNR, CSO and CTB are loaded with 42 CENELEC. All are measured with PBN referenced optical receiver with 10 km single-mode optical fiber 0 dBm.



1310 nm Forward Transmitter - Standard



Number of Optical Ports



Single (1)

Dual (2)


Optical Output Power












2 dBm (1.6 mW) optical power

4 dBm (2.5 mW) optical power

6 dBm (4 mW) optical power

8 dBm (6.3 mW) optical power

9 dBm (8 mW) optical power

10 dBm (10 mW) optical power

11 dBm (13 mW) optical power

12 dBm (16 mW) optical power

13 dBm (20 mW) optical power

14 dBm (25 mW) optical power

15 dBm (31 mW) optical power

X1X2 (1)(2)

First Channel Last Channel

(Option for CWDM configurations only, if not used omit X1X2 when making an order) (3)






1290 nm

1310 nm

1330 nm

1350 nm

1370 nm


Optical Connector Type





SC/APC (4)







45 ~ 1000 MHz


45 ~ 1218MHz


(1) Default spacing is 20 nm. For other wavelength configurations not listed, please contact PBN.

(2) X2 used only in dual transmitter versions.
• Dual version, X1 is first channel and X2 is second channel.

Single X1 29
Dual X1X2 2931, 2929

(3) For example, A-FT3S-S-02-F-1G refers to an order for an FT3S with a single optical port, 2 dBm of output power, an FC/APC connector, and 45-1218 MHz of bandwidth.

(4) Option for CWDM configurations, the maximum optical output power is 12 dBm. Suggest apply for QAM signal transmission, for others application , please contract with PBN. CWDM and O-band products are indeveloping.

(5) Standard option. Contact a PBN Sales Representative for availability of other options. 

  • FT3S front