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Designed to provide MSOs with the tools to achieve higher bandwidths and improved network performance, Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) will showcase its latest DAA technologies at the upcoming ANGA COM 2019 exhibition, taking place June 4-­6 in Cologne, Germany.

The implementation of Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) is one of the hottest discussion topics in the market currently, with Remote PHY and its derivatives offering MSOs the capability to fully leverage DOCSIS 3.1 to deliver competitive 10Gbps speed via existing coax networks, while dramatically reducing head-end footprint and power draw.

In response, PBN has developed a range of Remote PHY solutions to provide MSOs with a progressive path to a fully realized DAA network implementation.

Modular Remote PHY Shelf - AIMA3000 A-RPS-M 


The AIMA3000 A-RPS-M has been designed for focused network ‘Shelf’ implementations where MSOs wish to boost network performance using Remote PHY, without the requirement to upgrade their entire HFC network to DAA.

Fully compatible with our existing AIMA3000 Optical Platform, the A-RPS-M provides an effective solution for the rapid implementation of Remote PHY to increase network capacity.

Configurations are available with or without integrated analogue optics, providing further rack space savings by absorbing the forward and return path optics into the R-PHY shelf module.

19” Standalone Remote PHY Shelf - RPS-S 


PBN’s 19” 1RU RPS-S device offers further ‘Shelf’ implementation flexibility through offering Remote PHY capability in a conventional 19” 1RU housing.

Modular Outside Plant Remote PHY Node - PRIMA2000 and PRIMA4000


PBN’s latest outside-plant product series, PRIMA, is designed to allow MSOs to smoothly upgrade their networks from traditional HFC to DAA.

For MSOs who are ready for DAA today, the PRIMA series node can be configured as a Remote PHY node, to gain the competitive advantage in today’s network capacity race. 

Alternatively, for MSOs who are not yet ready for DAA, the PRIMA series node offers a traditional analogue configuration with optional digital return, designed with the capability to be upgraded to a Remote PHY node when the time is right. 

PBN’s Remote PHY solution has been successfully tested and trialed with multiple MSOs in three continents.
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See how PBN is enabling the transition from traditional analogue HFC networks to an all-digital landscape, visit our booth at E48, Hall 7. 

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