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Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) is a leading global HFC supplier with over 20 years of experience in the development and delivery of operator specific optical transport platforms. At the upcoming ANGA COM 2018, taking place June 12-­14 in Cologne, Germany, PBN will present it's newly developed OBI Mitigated RFoG devices and solutions. These devices will assist MSOs in maximizing HFC infrastructure investment, accelerate the transition to FTTx, and provide competitive ultra-broadband services.

RFoG Overview Diagram

PBN’s RFoG solution consists of the following components:

High MER/SBS 1550 nm Forward Transmitter - AIMA3000 FT5E-D 

FT5E-D is AIMA3000’s latest dual 1550nm Forward Transmitter providing high SBS and MER at a competitive price range in comparison to externally modulated transmitters. It is an ideal high-density transmitter for RFoG applications.

Smart Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier- AIMA3000 EDFA-M

The AIMA3000 EDFA-M is the latest smart Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier with embedded Full Band Capture (FBC) functions which enable the operator to capture and monitor the spectrum & QAM demodulation metrics (RF level, SNR, MER, BER, and constellation). The high density and high output EDFA also has constant-gain or constant power options available.

RFoG-Specific Analog Return Receiver - AIMA3000 RRAG

The AIMA3000 RRAG is specially designed for RFoG network to accommodate low power optical input down to -28 dBm. With the optional embedded Full Band Capture (FBC) module, it enables the operator to capture and monitor the return path spectrum at the return receiver location. This functionality can assist the operator in quickly locating upstream noise and monitor the related upstream signal levels.

OBI Mitigating RFoG ONU - DPON-MD3 & DPON-SD3

Mitigating OBI is the key topic for today’s RFoG networks. PBN’s latest auto-adjusting wavelength ONUs are designed to minimize the management effort for deploying RFoG ONUs. The DPON-MD3 is designed for Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) applications for installations with up to 50 subscribers per node. The DPON-SD3 is designed for Single Dwelling Unit (SDU) applications with installation with up to 10 subscribers per micro-node. 

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth E48, hall 7. Our representatives will be available to answer any questions that you may have for our products and solutions during the exhibition.

Email us to get free ANGA COM 2018 3-day exhibition ticket: Europe@pbnglobal.com
For further information about PBN please visit the company's website: www.pbnglobal.com
To learn more about ANGA COM 2018 Exhibition please visit: www.angacom.de

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