Beijing Gehua CATV Network BGCTV to utilize PBN’s NMSE network management software to manage Beijing’s bidirectional HFC network.

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December 23, 2013 - Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) announces that Beijing Gehua CATV Network BGCTV will utilize PBN’s NMSE smart network management solution across Beijing to handle optical transmission equipment supporting multiple manufacturers. The project will assist Gehua to provide faster and better service to their over 5 million existing cable network subscribers.

HFC network reliability and deepening the bidirectional HFC infrastructure are the foundational pillars of Gehua’s triple-play business development strategy. The HFC construction project aims to create a comprehensive network management system that provides real-time alerts, alarms, warnings, remote maintenance, troubleshooting, centralized network monitoring, and visualizations to ensure the availability of high-definition interactive services, enhance the quality of service, and improve network reliability.

PBN’s NMSE focuses on organizing information to make it easy, manageable, and user-friendly, providing a comprehensive network management system that can be used for network development. NMSE is highly compatible and adaptable to various network architectures, supporting both centralized systems and widely distributed networks. NMSE can operate on multiple operating systems maximizing deployment flexibility by using a web-interface for management, maintenance, and monitoring. It makes use of a variety of visual models to display the network’s tree topology, GIS topology, logical link topology, and supports GIS tools such as Google Maps, ArcGIS, MicroStation, and Super Map. PBN’s NMSE seamlessly integrates with OSS systems and offers extensive compatibility with multiple protocols.

Beilin Sun, the Sales Director of North China, states, “[As the HFC industry matures and the number of subscribers increases, China’s CATV network’s architecture is becoming increasingly complex. PBN’s top priority is to help CATV operators reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase reliability. PBN has been working on HFC network management software for over ten years and has concentrated efforts around Gehua’s infrastructure project. We can promote the development of smart cable networks with one of the China’s most important industry leaders.]”


ABOUT Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd.

The Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as Gehua, was established in September 1999. Gehua is responsible for the construction, development, maintenance, operations, and management of VoIP, data, radio, CATV, VoD, CATV advertizing, and publishing services.

In 2001, Geuhua was publicly listed on the Shanghai stock exchange (Listed as 600037). It marked the first listing of a triple-play cable service provider. Gehua has also been consecutively named as one of the top thirty companies to receive national recognition for promoting culture.

The company has over 3,000 employees, 6 subsidiaries, 15 branches, and 24 departments. In Beijing, Gehua has laid over 40,000 kilometers of fiber, 240,000 kilometers of copper, has 15 headend facilities, more than 200 second tier facilities, more than 4.5 million bidirectional network subscribers, and serves over 16 counties. At the end of 2012, Gehua boasted over 4.9 million cable subscribers, and more than 190,000 broadband data subscribers.

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