AIMA3000 FT5X: Quad 1550nm Externally modulated transmitter with tunable ITU-Grid

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New Product Release

June 1, 2014 - PBN is proud to announce the extension of  its AIMA-Portfolio with a new module series, called the AIMA-FT5X, featuring up to 4 Externally Modulated Transmitters with tunable ITU-Grid channels via the integrated HTTP-Interface.

64 Externally Modulated Transmitters in 4RU

This new AIMA3000 Quad transmitter module line from PBN is specially developed for FTTH and Fiber-Deep-Node applications. The unit enables the operator the achieve the highest density in the marketplace. In one 4RU AIMA3000 chassis 64 Externally Modulated Transmitters (16x4TX) can be placed.

OPEX and CAPEX savings due to tunable ITU-Channels

The latest Laser technology made is possible for PBN to develop a very flexible tune-able transmitter module. Customers can now setup their own ITU-Channel plan on a single set of hardware. With a simple firmware setting, the flexible ITU channel enables operators to reduce inventories. All four Externally modulated transmitters can freely be programmed to one of the 88 DWDM ITU-Channels. The unit supports a fully loaded 1.2GHz QAM-spectrum with up to 30 analogue channels in the lower frequency band.

Cost effective solution

Due to new technologies, the FT5X transmitter is not only offering high-density and flexibility, it also reduces power consumption to a minimum. At the price point of a fraction of a traditionally externally modulated transmitter, PBN sets a new standard in the market place. 

Technical Key Features: 

- Quad Externally Modulated Forward Transmitter
Up to 64-Transmitters in a 4RU chassis
ITU grid tunable (88 DWDM ITU Wavelengths)
RF-Bandwidth up to 1.2GHz
Channel plan supported; 30 Analogue + full-spectrum QAM
Max 7 Watt power consumption per channel
Backup of system settings on TFTP server

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